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The Tragarians are an anthropomorphic Mammalian species that very closely resemble an Asian tiger in appearance and temperament. Their empire is very war like, and often gets into arguments with its neighbors, the Gayik'Von and the Trepedor, but mostly they stay within their own borders as the last few times they tried attacking either race, they were soundly defeated, despite their aggressive warrior nature and battle mentality. Even so, they are no pushover, even if they do have issues defeating either the Gayik'Von, or the Trepedor, or both.

This is because, while warfare is in their blood, tactical and strategical prowess are not their forte. So, while they can fight hard, they don't always do so in the wisest and more efficient/effective way possible. This is part of what's kept them from successfully conquering the galaxy, try as they might in times past. Tragarians call their admirals "Darjons", and answer them with "Pratay", which is their way of saying "Yes, sir!"