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The Gayik'Von are an anthropomorphic reptoid species and one of The Nine Ancient Races. They control a large swath of the Milky way galaxy, controlling approximately 1/9th of all inhabitable space, and are the race whose inner system border is closest to the UGW, and ASW homeworlds. It is deep within Gayik'Von space that Sol Sector exists, and it is the Gayik'Von who were instrumental in Earth, and later Earthfleet's first steps into the wider universe. The Gayik'Von and Earth also hold a very close friendship, and a mutual defense agreement, although that agreement tends to be more along the lines of the Gayik'Von protecting Earth, than Earth protecting the much, much larger Gayik'Von republic. Even so, they are good friends and great allies.

It is from the Gayik'Von that many of Earthfleet's early ships drew their design inspiration, and a degree of their technology. Due to their size, and the difficulties in ruling such a large republic, their system of government uses a unique tiered leadership system with one single president presiding over 10 adjutant presidents, who in turn preside over other regional presidents who, in turn, are responsible politically for their own individual regions. These leaders are in turn each complimented by their own regional senates, who in turn report to a primary senate who overseas all the affairs of the republic. The Gayik'Von call Vocrac their world of origin.

Known Gayik'Von