Destiny's Mission

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Title: Destiny's Mission
Cover Artist: Don Semora
Genre: Military, Sci-Fi
Series: The Earthfleet Saga
Publication Date: March 2010
Media Types: Ebook
ISBN: 978-0982602034
Preceded By: The Oort Perimeter
Followed By: Homeworld

Destiny's Mission is the second in the four part series The Earthfleet Saga and takes Grand Admiral Mike Clayton and the rest of Earthfleet and her allies on a whole new adventure at the UGW homeworld of Sebius, where dark, malevolent forces seek their destruction.

Back Cover Blurb

Invited to a meeting on the UGW homeworld of Sebius, EarthFleet Grand Admiral Michael Clayton and Society Chancellor Sedago Nordham embark on a mission to meet those who are Earth's neighbors, both friends and foes alike, to strike a lasting peace for Earth and all mankind. But this meeting is more than it seems as dark forces plot to destroy the leaders of Earthfleet and the Society. Mike and Nordham must use their wits and cunning to outwit those who wish to destroy Earth, and them, while achieving a lasting peace for the entire human race. But the galaxy is a big place, and fraught with dangers beyond the imaginations of anyone, human or alien.

Book Summary

The story begins with Phillip, leader of the Crassians, continuing his plans of conquest as Grand Admiral Mike Clayton is still busy, even two years later, trying to put Earthfleet back together again, and strengthen its forces after The Battle of the Oort Perimeter. In the midst of this, a message comes in from the UGW inviting Chancellor Nordham, Mike and their respective escorts, to a diplomatic meeting on Sebius. At first they're suspicious of the request. However, Phyland Renwald vets the request and confirms that it's legitimate. Seeing a chance to put Earth on a better standing within the galaxy, Mike and Nordham grasp at this opportunity eagerly. They soon join up with Sevok and head out to Sebius. However, they're ambushed along the way by a fleet of Tragarians who are eventually driven off by the surprise arrival of a Varnok fleet who is there, at the request of their government, to protect Mike and crew.

The rest of the trip is generally uneventful, and Mike's fleet of Shipkillers soon arrives at Sebius, passing a Buyyor Worldship on the way in. Upon landing at the Ambassadorial Towers, they're greeted by Finch, Phyland and several others. The next several days are spent digging through the morass of political intrigue that permeates the Galactic Senate and the multitude of races that fill its ranks. Elsewhere in pace, Lars and Vlad dig around Sebius and stumble across a Yandian Den of Knowledge where they quickly gain a treasure trove of knowledge that will help their efforts to save Earth. Meanwhile, Mike and the others are invited to the Ambassadorial Ball where Sarah puts on a show that stuns everyone, and hints at her growing love for Mike. However, in the midst of this, they are attacked by the Tragarians, and are forced to escape to their ships. They try transporting there, but find that they're blocked from doing so. This is because Zoahn has tampered with the laws of physics, blocking their ability to transport.

As such, they all quickly turn and start making their way across the Ambassadorial Towers towards their ships on foot. Not long after, squads of Tragarian shock troops break into the building and start hunting down Mike and the others. Mike and the others are then relentlessly hunted every step of the way until they eventually reach their ships. However, they soon discover, to their dismay, that what Zoahn did earlier also applies to their other systems. Even so, Mike and his ships do their best to escape the planet, diving headlong into the Tragarian fleets surrounding the planet, and blocking their escape. As they find themselves flying into an absolutely brutal crossfire, Captain [[Blakley], and his fleet of Skipjack battleships appear, and help blaze a path through the Tragarians. Once clear of the Tragarian fleet, the Earthfleet ships jump for safety. However, due to the problems created by Zoahn's physics meddling, it causes their Coaxial FTL drives to enter a runaway state, rapidly accelerating the ships to nearly the relativity limit before they finally pass outside the area of space changed by Zoahn where they soon burn out, bringing the ships back to normal space again. The Tragarians quickly pursue, but come up against a surprise counter attack by a previously hidden fleet of Varnok, Gayik'Von and Buyyor ships. The Tragarian fleet is exterminated. Back on Crassia, Phillip receives word that they have been found out and that ships are being sent to apprehend them, causing Phillip to order the evacuation of the planet.

Back in Sol, two months later, it's learned that the events at Sebius have revealed the plans of the Crassians to the entire galaxy, turning every race against them, and putting Earth in a better light across the galaxy, even though many still do not like or trust the Humans. Even so, life in Sol returns to normal, even as the UGW is politically collapsing across the galaxy.

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