Mike Clayton

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Mike Clayton is the Grand Admiral of Earthfleet, and is both an astute politician, and a brilliant tactician. He understands both the political lay of the land across the galaxy, as well as the military one. When he first enters office as Grand Admiral, he takes an already powerful, efficient and effective defensive fighting force and turns it into an even better one after the tragic events of The Battle of the Oort Perimeter, the defense of Earth against Black Orchid, and the fight against the Crassians, both in Sol Space, and at the battle of The Haven. His flagship, and later on his personal starship (after his retirement and return to civilian life), is the Sergenious. While he lives most of his life as a single man, after leaving Earthfleet, he falls in love with his long time friend Sarah, and the two get married. Mike's influence on both Earthfleet, and the Society are monumental, and even the larger galaxy as a whole, and the impacts of this extend well beyond his lifetime.