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Name: Sarah
Species: Benoi
Gender: Female
Age: ~18k years
Height: ~5'10"
Alliances: Earthfleet

Sarah is a Benoi lifeform of the xenopoid variety and one of their scientists. Sarah is the strongest, and most powerful of all the Benoi, making her a target of the less savory members of the Benoi who wish to bond with her and use her powers to take over the multiverse. Her biggest rival, and perpetual thorn in the side, is a fellow Benoi by the name of Zoahn. She initially comes to Earth to study and learn about the human race, where she eventually meets Mike Clayton and becomes interested in him. So, in order to stay close to him, and observe all that he does, she replaces the Sergenious's AI with herself. Later on she grows to like Mike so much that she falls in love with him.

Sarah's appearance tends to be simple and youthful even though she is over 18 thousand years old. This is because, from the Benoi perspective, she is only teenager of roughly 18 human years of age. Sarah also tends to dress very modestly, choosing to almost always wear a simple, grayish white dress that stretches from her shoulders, down to just above her ankles, and is neither tightly fitting, nor does it show any cleavage. Her hair is worn long and straight, and is a beautiful golden brown that glistens like gold, and hangs down nearly to her waistline, although she can wear it shorter if needed. It's also generally worn lose, or with a simple red or blue bow.

Due to her interactions with many other races, Sarah is known across the galaxy by a variety of different names, including Sha'Kra'Ree, which is her Nyuishian name. Her original Benoi name is Inamou. In the Benoi collective she serves as a junior xenobiologist, studying other races up close and personal to learn as much as she can about them. This is part of how she first came to discover humans, and later met Mike Clayton, whom she eventually fell in love with, and later married after the events of Dark Earth.


This is the list of Sarah's known family.

The Dance at Sebius

Here's an example image of the dance between Sarah and Mike at Sebius:

Mike and Sarah dancing.png