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Burmal is one of the 6 active Dragon Weyrs of Offworld, and is located in the nouthern half of the continent of Contina to the west of the Great Sea in the second half of the fourth hextant. It is ruled over by Weyr Master Kunig, and is the home of the 11th and 12th Dragon Orders. It watches over the numerous mountainous and hills that make up the majority of the northern half of the continent of Contina, in contrast to the mostly flat, prairie filled southern half of the continent. What makes Burmal special is that it contains the fifth and sixth hextants of The Race of Offworld, near its southern most border. Its dragons are also specialists in mountain warfare, and are very skilled in both operating, and fighting, in its narrow, craggy valleys, high mountain peaks, and tight places. And, while Kestrel Wery has some experience in this, given their proximity to the White Mountains, the dragons of Burmal are far more skilled at the same type of fighting conditions as they are more deeply immersed in this type of environment than their western brethren.

Dragons Known To Reside Here