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Name: Narcella
Occupation: Queen of Venodor
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (assumed to be mid-40's)
Home: Forlorian
Height: 5'5"
Alliances: None

Narcella is the Queen of the nation of Venodor, and is a brutal, evil dictator, an opportunist, a sex addict and a very wise, but conniving manipulator of men and women alike. She is willing to do whatever she must to become richer and more powerful, and to increase the size of her personal harem of men whom she's enslaved for her own personal pleasure. She rules from the capital city of Forlorian and is known to have a brutal, vicious temper whenever she doesn't get her way. She is also personally responsible for trying, but failing, to tempt Simon to become her chief lover, after which she has him beaten and thrown in jail, while at the same time sending out her men to try and exterminate Trevor and the rest of the team, which they inadvertently fail to do, even with the help of Sheobaal, who was the one who put the queen up to all of this.