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Psial is the son of Lord Bricket and direct heir to House Monty of the Ahbranai. However, unlike his father, he doesn't share the Ahbranai "we are gods" mindset, and actually abhors the greed and wickedness of his father and the other Ahbranai, and would rather see all races live in equality and peace. He's also a very skilled in archeology and xenobiology, and is most interested in the lost colony of Ahbranai (known locally as the Yigzan) located on the outer rim world of [{Braisail]]. He's abducted from the planet, and his work there, and forced to take charge of one of his father's world building projects. When he's driven from there in a coup attempt, he moves to the Bacnai homeworld and takes control of the galactic resistance. After Breakman and the other droids return to the future, he is betrayed by one of his own and killed.