Arthur Holland

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Arthur Holland.jpg
Name: Arthur Holland
Occupation: Woodcrafter
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 30's
Home: Donville
Height: 6'1"
Alliances: Dexter Dramond, Susan Wheaton

Arthur Holland is a master woodcrafter and artisan who runs a carpentry and woodcrafting business in the humble sea port town of Donville on the edge of The Reaping Sea with his business partner and best friend, Dexter Dramond. His personality and style of speech is very much like a noble Englishman, even though he's not British himself. Whereas his business partner tends to be the "wild child" hot head of this dynamic duo, Arthur is the quiet, thoughtful, down to earth member of the team. He takes everything he encounters and approaches it with careful thought, patience and a keen eye for detail.

Whereas Dexter tends to be a "shoot first, ask questions later" type of person, Arthur is more of the "think first, evaluate, then act" school of thought. While not much is known of his history, there is every indication that he was brought up in a cultured family, and thus he carries himself as though he is of the nobler breed, even though he lives his life in great simplicity. Arthur is also a life long Christian and a strong believer. Arthur, unlike his friend Dexter, is a 1st generation racer, having arrived on the planet nearly twenty years earlier. His wife is Lilly Holland, and his two children are Samuel and Macy.