Susan Wheaton

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Name: Susan Wheaton
Occupation: Baroness
Home: Hollow Manor
Gender: Female
Age: 38 when she meets Simon.
21 at the time of her abduction
60 when she starts her life on Ember.
Alliances: Hollow Manor

Susan Wheaton, also known as The Baroness, is the leader of the fiefdom of Hollow Manor and the great house that sits at its center. She is first introduced in the series when she first meets Simon in The Keep of Woes at a weekly slave auction and saves him and his team from a life of suffering and terror. Initially she is only ever known in the book as "The Baroness". However, once she gives up her kingdom and strikes out onto the the trail of the controllers again with a large group of fellow racers, she gives up her title and returns to being known simply as "Susan". And, while she only got to meet and talk to Simon for a few days, she takes an immediate interest in him. However, much to her dismay, Simon does not reciprocate her feelings for him, and is merely cordial to her because of her status and position. Even so, she's content to just let things be, despite taking a great liking to him.

Later on, after Simon's team clears the way for all the racers to return to the trail, Susan picks up the trail again with twenty two of her staff members, including Fredrick, one of her most trusted Footmen. She is later joined by Arthur Holland and Dexter Dramond who form the core of Susan's team and help guide it to its ultimate destiny. Susan is 38 when she first meets Simon's team at Hollow Manor. She's 40 when they meet again on Offworld prior to journeying to Ember.

Ember Journeys

Susan's spirit is 60 years old at the start of the events of Ember, but she, like Simon Williams is gifted with a 21 year old avatar body that's an exact copy of the one she had when she first arrived on Offworld.

(more to be added as the story evolves)