Eric Rogers

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Eric Rogers.png
Name: Eric Rogers
Occupation: Captain/Chief Engineer
Command: Sergenious
Home: Command One
Gender: Male
Age: Not Specified
Height: 5'11"
Alliances: Earthfleet/Sergenious (captain)

Eric Rogers is the commander and chief engineer of the Sergenious, the flagship of Grand Admiral Mike Clayton. He is a genius among his peers and is respected as one of the single best engineers in all of Earthfleet. Eric also has an obsession with the Sergenious, as he pretty much lives and breaths the ship, never being away from it for longer than he absolutely has to be. But, that firm dedication and love of the Sergenious is why it is among the best, if not the best ship in the entire fleet. Eric first becomes the chief engineer for the Sergenious as a Lieutenant JG shortly after overseeing the complete overhaul of the Sergenious at the Saturn Shipyards.

He then joins Mike all throughout the rest of his career as the ship's chief engineer, and later its commander as well. He's a good and fair commander, a wise leader, and boasts a crew that is among the best in all the fleet, including what is likely the fleet's best pilot in its entire career in the person of Joel Pendleton. And, while Eric isn't the best tactician, he serves a man who is, and has a crew who is good enough that they're easily able to make up for any of his shortcomings. Eric is also well known as a miracle worker. However, instead of creating miracles as they're needed, which he can do if he has to, he's more prone to creating miracles before they're needed, and then merely putting them out of his hat when they're actually needed.