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The Skipjack class is a light weight, fast attack, highly specialized battleship that hearkens back to the early days of Earthfleet. They were built with the idea to be used as a quick "get in, hit them hard, get out" fast attack light battleship designed for skirmishing, but not long, drawn out fights. They were originally deployed to Sebius as a silent escort for Grand Admiral Mike Clayton, and were instrumental in rescuing him and numerous others from almost certain extermination on Sebius during the attack by Black Claw as he and his fleets sought to exterminate the leaders of Earthfleet and the Society. However, it wasn't long after that stunning and shocking victory that their tactical advantage was stripped away, eventually leading to the ship becoming a liability, rather than an asset, forcing it to be scrapped in favor of two new classes of shipkillers. Only twenty of this class were ever built, as it was eventually deemed to be a tactical failure.

Known Ships in this Class