The Weaver's Forge

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The Weaver's Forge is a planned novel in the Earthfleet Extended Universe that is a prequel of sorts and goes back to the earlier days of Grand Admiral Clayton, back when he was just a one star admiral, and first took command of the newly refitted Sergenious, and began to gather his iconic crew members, such as Eric Rogers, and even the ever delightful Sarah. It also covers a secret war in the galaxy that has been fought for millennia between the Weavers and the Murg, two great and ancient, yet secretive super powers who have played huge and important rolls in the galaxy, the rise and fall of the UGW and others, including The Nine Ancient Races. The timeline of the story is shortly after the time when the Sergenious completes her first refit, but before Sol is banned from the stars and restricted to Sol space for a time.