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Name: Adam
Occupation: Farmer
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 20's
Home: The Westlands near Ruby
Height: 5'11"
Alliances: None

Adam is a farmer living in the Westlands along with his wife Martha on a 100 acre farm which he and his wife maintain. He is both a strong Christian, and a kind man, always looking out for the needs of others. He and his wife encounter Simon Williams and his team during their brief, but unfortunate time in Ruby and, despite having Maggy with them, Adam and Martha both gladly welcome them into their home and shelter them for a time, and in turn, Simon (and Maggy as well) help protect the farm from the sheriff of Ruby and his band of outlaws. He later gifts some of the horses, taken from the bandits, to Simon's team to help them out. For what they did for Simon and his friends, during their time on the farm, plus the gift of horses, God blesses him greatly, and increases the size of their herd, their barns, and even their stored grains and other things, making them both very rich. He and Martha even aids Arthur and his team as they struggle to acquire more resources in the newly founded city of Renata, run by the charismatic, yet greedy railroad tycoon Chester Westman.