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Little is known of the Razkor race, other than they were the creators of the Jump Drive, Slipstream, The Haven and several other very advanced technologies. Even the reasons behind their disappearance and downfall are a mystery. Their rise to power and eventual fall predates the rise of the ancient races, from which today's modern nine races had their beginnings. There are some stories, fables and tales, collected by the Yandians that tell of the day, sorta like the mythical city of Atlantis, when the Razkor fell due to reaching too far, too fast, ultimately leading to the destruction of their homeworld, and the extermination of a large percentage of their race. The Razkor never recovered from this tragedy, and eventually went into hiding to protect what remained of their people, and their society. But even this wasn't enough to save them from extinction.

Ultimately, with the help of the Nyuishians, they quietly erased the last traces of their society, their technology, their history, and their people, before finally sailing off into extinction as the last of their people, after The Battle of the Haven, flew the last of their ships, their technology, and their people, into a black hole to keep all of it away from the other races of the galaxy. But they didn't do this out of greed, but rather to protect the other races from suffering the same fate they did. Once the last of the Razkor were gone, the Nyuishians took it upon themselves, promising with all their honor, to sweep up and destroy any remaining stray pieces of their technology they may have left behind and destroying it, again, for the same reasons as before: To protect the other races.

Known Razkor