Six Paws

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Six Paws, the chief librarian of Jalc, a Yandian who gained his peculiar nickname from the fact that he has six digits on each of his four paws instead of the customary five as most other Yandians do. He is the key player in a detailed plan by the Yandians and the Nyuishians to put events in motion to both welcome the newly arrived Gin from Earth, and set them on their way to becoming respectable new members of the galactic community, as well as carefully and craftily bring about the demise of the eight Juinah supreme lords, one of whom, namely Za'gard, is instrumental is initiating the events (albeit unintentionally) that eventually lead to his demise, and the severe crippling, for a time, of the Juinah mafia in the process, the latter of which has been a thorn in the side of the Gayik'Von for centuries.