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The Varnok are an anthropomorphic aquanoid species that control the space in the western quadrant of the Milky Way between the Gayik'Von and Yandian republics. They are part of The Nine Ancient Races and one of the four original among that number (which includes the Tragarians, the Angalorians and the Pront) who were fearful of Earth and wanted to see its destruction. Acting as pawns of Phillip Augustus they nearly succeeded in wipping out all humanity, via the Crassian pawn Mobeic and his Black Fleet. However, due to the heroic actions of Earthfleet, and with the assistance of Sevok, humanity was saved. Later on, in the chaos brought about by this event, the Varnok empire split into two warring factions, one that supported both Earth, and peace in the galaxy, and one that supported war and Earth's extermination. After the lengthy and involved civil war that formed out of this division, the Varnok who supported peace, and Earth's right to exist in peace, won the war, after which the Varnok became friends and allies to Earth, despite being significantly weakened by the civil war.

Known Varnok